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F.Connect integrates your existing store with Facebook in a few steps. It not only lets you create complete Facebook store but also give you ability to post your products to your Fan Page wall. This allows you to reach your customers on Facebook directly from the wall. You can also run social campaigns to promote your products and engage customers. All of this can be done without writing a single line of code!

This extensions requires you to create an account on Froomerce F.Connect

Your Benefits

Easy porting of store to Facebook
You just need to install the plugin and export the store to your Page. If you have multiple stores or a multi-store architecture you can export all stores separately.

Social sharing widgets
Your users can share and like products from your Fan Page.

Selling or redirecting to main store
Depending on what you require, you can let users add all products to their Facebook cart or you can redirect users to go to the main site.

Product widgets
You can create product widgets and post them directly on the wall. This will enable you to reach out to your Fans directly on their walls! When they like or share the widgets, their friends will also get exposure to your products.

Custom verbs support
You can choose to have new custom verbs apart from “like”. For example, you can configure the store to have “Want” and “Need” buttons.

Detailed Statistics
You get detailed statistics on not only the products but also demographics from Facebook Page e.g., how many males and females came on your page, what were their age groups etc. You receive weekly statistics emails.

Custom campaigns
You can choose to have your own Welcome page. You can also choose to allow only users how like your page to view your store.

You can have your own design for the stores and the product widgets.

You get free email support for all packages. With Professional Pro packages you also get direct phone support.

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2012-01-31 0.1.3

First stable release.

Allows creation of Facebook stores. Multiple stores can be exported separately.

Product widgets can be created and exported to the Fan Page wall.