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AgilOne provides out of the box predictive marketing programs that increase conversions and customer lifetime value. Whether you are looking to convert more browsers into buyers, grow one time buyers into repeat buyers or retain valuable customers, AgilOne Turnkey Actions can deliver. For each program hyper-target content and offers using likelihood to buy, lifetime value, behavioral, product and brand clusters. Add one-on-one upsell, cross-sell and next-sell recommendations to boost impact. Whichever AgilOne program you start with, you will see immediate lift. Start with one program today, then continue to add new programs, all powered by the same Predictive Marketing Cloud.

What Gives AgilOne The Leading Edge?

Predictive Cart Recovery- Recover up to 45% of carts by providing the right incentive for each customer, taking into account likelihood to buy, lifetime value or cluster personas. Coordinate cart campaigns across channels to ensure you don’t remind customers who already bought.

Predictive Email Retargeting- Double site conversions by reminding customers to come back. Use one-on-one content such as abandoned search terms, items browsed, and recommendations. Then add the right incentive for each person based on likelihood to buy and lifetime value.

Repeat Purchase Program- Get customers to repeat buy and double sales with post-purchase offers and recommendations or by sending replenishment reminders for consumables. Use likelihood to buy predictions to add the right level of discount or incentive.

Cluster-Based Targeting- Triple conversions and increase lifetime value by targeted content using predictive product, brand or behavioral clusters. Also add personalized product recommendations to any of your programs – online and offline.

Loyalty Appreciation- Increase retention by showering your best customers with attention. Increase lifetime value by rewarding each customer with personalized loyalty rewards if they buy just a little more, or a little more often, than they usually would.

Customer Reactivation- Reactivate customers with content based on cluster personas, a personal recommendation and an incentive that is right-sized using likelihood to buy and lifetime value. Also reduce email opt-outs 40% by adjusting email frequency by segment.

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