Magento Extension
Download latest - 1.0.1

Create awesome printed labels directly from your order data

Classy Google Fonts
Use Custom images
Add text for headers, footers
Compatible with Ebay Integrated Labels

Releases (2)

Date Version Notes
2013-08-28 1.0.1

Stable 1.0.1 Release

Things have been tightened, and bugs have been whacked, thanks for the comments on the beta, we got here in the end =P


Please login and logout after installation from Connect, this will allow the menu (System->Configuration->ESTOREIQ) to come online

You should experiment with the image sizes for the 3 customisable images, the PDF conversion can prefer some resolutions. Do some test prints at a few sizes to get the best results on your printed sticker labels.


EstoreIQ Team

2013-08-28 1.0.0

1.0.0 Version, bugfixes complete, stable version