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Algolia Search is a search API that provides hosted full-text, numerical and faceted search. Algolia’s
Search API makes it easy to deliver a great search experience in your apps & websites.

This extension replaces Magento's FullText Search module and provide an as-you-type auto-completion menu in
your searchbar.

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2017-09-15 1.11.1

Change Log:

2017-06-12 1.10.0

Change Log:

2017-04-04 1.9.0

Change Log:

2017-02-16 1.8.1

Change Log:

2017-01-06 1.8.0

Change Log:

2016-10-28 1.7.2

Change Log:

2016-10-21 1.7.1

Change Log:

2016-09-12 1.7.0

Change Log:

2016-07-18 1.6.1

Change Log:

2016-06-29 1.6.0

Change Log:

2016-04-28 1.5.5

- NEW: Add an option to include data from out-of-stock sub products
- NEW: Use secured api keys to only retrieve one group price in the frontend
- NEW: Better update strategy to simplify the indexer code and to avoid missing deleted products event
- UPDATE: Better handling of include in navigation config
- UPDATE: underlying php client
- UPDATE: Conditionally render template directives
- UPDATE: Make sub product skus searchable
- FIX: slaves creation issue
- FIX: small price issue
- FIX: fallback to default search in case there is a error from the api

2016-03-10 1.5.4

- UPDATED: instantsearch.js update
- FIX: issue with slaves creation
- FIX: issue for bundle products when customer group is enabled
- FIX: casting in resulting in bad typing in Algolia

2016-02-10 1.5.3

- UPDATED: added a config to disable logging
- UPDATED: better instant search UI
- FIX: various design improvements
- FIX: take into account "Include in Navigation" for categories
- FIX: sorting in instant search page
- FIX: wrong price for configurable products
- FIX: mass action delete

2016-01-08 1.5.2


A full reindex of the product indexer is needed


- NEW: handle multiple currencies
- UPDATED: improve errors/warnings for reindexing
- FIX: handle both secure and unsecure base url for images
- FIX: ability to have only instant search
- FIX: method to get product and categories url

2015-12-22 1.5.1

FIX: xss issue

2015-12-18 1.5.0


- The queue is now runned outside of the Magento default cron system. To run the jobs you will need to run
the `algolia_queue_runner` indexer via the following command `php -f shell/indexer.php --reindex algolia_queue_runner`
You can add it to your crontab just add this line:
`*/5 * * * * php -f /absolute/path/to/magento/shell/indexer.php -- -reindex algolia_queue_runner`

- As this is a major update you will loose your settings and will need to reconfigure the extension


- NEW: replace custom logic by autocomplete.js and instantsearch.js
- NEW: add total_ordered because ordered_qty does not always make sense
- NEW: add drag and drop for grid in the config page
- UPDATED: More intelligent queue that is able to batch jobs
- UPDATED: Option to have most popular suggestions when no result page
- FIX: issue with configurable and gouped sub_products query
- FIX: replace image helper override by subclass

2015-10-19 1.4.8

- NEW: allow to have custom product types
- NEW: make image generation size parameter customizable to be able to save ressources when already in cache
- UPDATED: remove root category when fetching product categories
- UPDATED: rewrite image class to be able to log the error when not being able to generate it
- UPDATED: Handle display price with AND without tax
- FIX: price issues
- FIX: Safari issue with instant search

2015-10-07 1.4.7

- NEW: added an option to disable the seo request
- NEW: added ability to disable (search OR search + indexing) per store
- NEW: added logging
- UPDATED: improve handling of out of stock products
- UPDATED: improve performance overall indexing performance
- FIX: issue with category ids
- FIX: issue with configurable product additionnal attributes
- FIX: corner case for price with visibility and stock options

2015-09-25 1.4.6

- UPDATED: Price handling, no template update required anymore + correct handling of special price + correct handling of tax
- UPDATED: indexing process has been optimized
- FIX: add emulation for pages to have correct urls
- UPDATED: Separate category and product indexer

2015-09-21 1.4.5

- FIX: Improve performance issue when backend-search
- FIX: Various small improvements

2015-09-02 1.4.4

- NEW: Handle bundle products
- FIX: Handling of multiple currencies

2015-08-29 1.4.3

- UPDATED: improve indexing performance
- FIX: Issue with importing AlgoliaSearch
- FIX: CSS issue
- FIX: Prevent purchase from crashing if Algolia account is blocked

2015-08-24 1.4.2

- FIX: issue with slider

2015-08-20 1.4.1

- NEW: Add analytics tags
- UPDATED: Customer group implementation (to lower the number of records)
- FIX: Amazon like suggestion
- FIX: special price in case of partial updates
- FIX: No results page (facets)

2015-07-28 1.4.0

- NEW: The design of the instant search is now responsive and mobile friendly
- NEW: Add the possibility to autocomplete on an attribute like brands, manufacturer, ...
- NEW: Handling of customer groups
- NEW: Add the possibility to do `partialUpdates` instead of `addObjects` to allow external sources to patch the records
- UPDATED: Handle empty query
- FIX: IE8 & IE9 compatibility issues
- FIX: Ability to use the extension if the magento instance is hosted in a subdir
- FIX: Add missing translations in the template
- FIX: Fixed a bug occurring while concatenating/minifying the JavaScript code

2015-07-09 1.3.5

- Review admin panel
- Handle click on the glass
- Fix Instant search alone
- Handle grouped/configurable attributes

2015-06-29 1.3.4

- Fix url redirection

2015-06-29 1.3.3

- Fix some attributes retrival

2015-06-26 1.3.2

- NEW: Add out of stock records
- Fix issues with reloading

2015-06-26 1.3.1

- NEW: Add out of stock records
- Fix issue with reloading