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The extension of the calculation discount lets choose an attribute used for the discount. For each option dropdown of the attribute it is possible to associate a range of percentages that will be visible in frontend if the attribute makes itself filterable with results.

Releases (5)

Date Version Notes
2016-06-08 1.3.1

- Fix white product page

2016-06-08 1.3.0

- Improved graphics in backend
- Add "Include product tax class for calculating discount" button
- Fix minor bugs for mass action

2016-06-03 1.2.0

- Fix more bugs.

2016-05-31 1.1.0

- Fix of the calculation of the discount rate: more accurate calculation.
- Calculation of the discount rate is removed for "Not Visible Individuallyā€¯ products.

2016-04-05 1.0.0

Fixed minor bugs