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apptrian (Apptrian)

Apptrian Image Optimizer will optimize your images (GIF, JPG, PNG) reduce their file size without losing image quality and speed up your site. Extension is very easy to install and use. You can optimize images by clicking a button in Magento Admin or automatically by a configurable cron job. If you are an advanced user you will be pleased to know that extension is fully configurable. You can change optimization options even swap utilities used for optimization with the ones you like. (By default our extension is using optimization utilities recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix.)

Releases (10)

Date Version Notes
2017-01-09 2.2.0

+ Compliance with Magento's Extension Quality Program (EQP)
WARNING! If you are upgrading from any previous version after installation/upgrade you need to go to extension configuration and for option "Utilities Path" instead of "lib/apptrian/imageoptimizer" type "lib/Apptrian/ImageOptimizer" then save the changes and refresh your Magento cache. Also set execute permissions on files inside lib/Apptrian/ImageOptimizer directory.

2016-06-18 2.1.0

* Index is now saved to a file instead of database
WARNING! If you are upgrading from any previous version of Image Optimizer you will loose old index data. Previously optimized images will still be optimized but you will need to re-index and re-optimize all images again. Optimizing images twice or multiple times will not change quality of images. Image optimization utilities sense if images are optimized and just re-save images without changing them.

2016-06-05 2.0.0

* Complete rewrite from the ground up
* Code standards improvements
* Fixed few small issues with admin blocks
* Empty Index is renamed to Clear Index including all block and methods
+ Added separate cron jobs, one for scanning one for optimization
+ Added option to force file permissions after optimization

2016-02-24 1.3.0

+ Added "Empty Index" button
* Fixed bug related to uppercase file extensions
* Fixed bug with files which do not exist anymore and their removal from the index
* Fixed bug with utility options validation regex for allowing "=" sign

2016-01-01 1.2.2

* Fixed bug with paths over 100 characters and Magento Connect installer

2015-11-09 1.2.1

* Compatibility with SUPEE-6788 patch

2015-06-14 1.2.0

+ Added Utility Exact Path options
+ Improved generation of commands
If you are upgrading from any previous version after you install new version go to extension configuration and for
"GIF Utility Options" type "-b -O3 %filepath%"
"JPG Utility Options" type "-copy none -optimize -progressive -outfile %filepath% %filepath%"
"PNG Utility Options" type "-o5 %filepath%"
(Without quotes)

2015-05-09 1.1.0

+ Added support for jpegtran and set as default JPG optimization utility

2015-04-16 1.0.1

* Fixed small bug related to exec() function

2015-04-14 1.0.0

Initial release.