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apptrian (Apptrian)

Apptrian Minify HTML CSS JS is a very small and efficient extension. It will minify HTML including inline CSS and JS code. Minification of CSS and JS files is compatible with default Magento CSS and JS file merger. There are no complex setups nor query strings on minified CSS and JS files. Extension is very easy to install and use. Compatible with FPC and Varnish cache extensions. If there is a serious error in some page code that page will not be minified. Extension will log the error and url of the page where this error occurs so developers can track it down and fix the code.

Releases (11)

Date Version Notes
2017-01-06 2.0.1

* Small bug fixed

2017-01-06 2.0.0

* Complete rewrite from the ground up
+ Support for Knockout JavaScript library comments
+ Support for script tags of type="text/x-magento-template"
+ Logging of errors with url where errors occur
+ Compliance with Magento's Extension Quality Program (EQP)

2016-07-14 1.5.1

* Fixed few small issues with admin blocks
* Code standards improvements

2015-11-09 1.5.0

+ Minification of script tags type="text/template"
* Compatibility with SUPEE-6788 patch

2015-06-21 1.4.0

+ Added option for removing important comments
* Improved extension configuration

2015-06-15 1.3.0

+ Minification of CSS and JS files with a button click in extension configuration
* Eliminated dependency on Mage_Page_Block_Html_Head block (Extension does not rewrite this block nor any other any more)
- Versioning of CSS and JS files

2015-05-17 1.2.0

+ Versioning of merged CSS and JS files
* Improved generation of merged files url

2015-03-04 1.1.2

+ Compatibility with FPC (Full Page Cache) extensions

2014-12-02 1.1.1

+ Compatibility with Varnish cache extensions

2014-11-30 1.1.0

+ Added Cache Compatibility Mode
- Removed "min-" prefix from minified file names

2014-11-25 1.0.0

Initial release.