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Auguria (Auguria)


Handled by the extension
- possibility to active or not the extension by website (system configuration) and by product
- possibility to define for which customer groups you want to show the matrix. Customizable by website (system configuration) and by product
- possibility to choose which matrix template used by website (system configuration)
- take care of customer price and tier prices
- dynamic calculation of the quantity selected by product and for the matrix total price
- dynamic calculation of the total price by product and of the matrix total price
Not handled by the extension
- configurable products with custom options c'ant show the matrix
- the shopping cart price rules of type (X bought = discount of Y%) are not taken in the matrix price calculation (works only on the cart step)
- frontend templates are not responsive


Releases (2)

Date Version Notes
2014-07-16 0.0.2

Fix bug on matrix customer group attribute

2014-07-16 0.0.1

Compatibility with magento 1.9