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aveJana helps Magento stores generate tons of reviews and Q&A and use them to drive qualified traffic, increase conversion rate and boost sales. aveJana integrates with Magento websites and appears as a Review tab at the bottom of the Product Page. aveJana is integrated with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which help ensure a wider reach for the best reviews of Magento stores. aveJana's basic version is FREE, while the premium version, outlined below, is available at a BASE PRICE of US$25.

aveJana requires a separate account to be set up .Join aveJana today!
See aveJana’s Premium Pricing here. aveJana Pricing Page!

Get More Reviews
aveJana's super cool in-mail form technology allows your users to leave their reviews within the body of the email invitation itself. They never have to leave the invitation email page. Once they are done writing their review, they just have to press the Submit button.

Automate Review Collection
aveJana's super smart Auto Mail After Purchase feature automatically sends a mail to your users a few days after they have bought the product from you and have had the chance to use it. The best part is, you can control when the mails go. It frees you up from scheduling mails and results in more reviews.
Increase Conversion Rates
aveJana users typically see an instant improvement in conversion rates when they start using our solution.

Respond to Customers
aveJana allows you to respond to customer reviews even in the free basic plan. Responding to customer reviews helps you build a strong relationship with them.

Smart Widget
aveJana’s smart widget automatically picks up your Magento theme and beautifully gels in with your website.

Optimized for Devices
aveJana's smart widget and email invitations are optimized for almost all devices, especially mobile.

Flexi Plan
aveJana was created with startups in mind. Once you have exhausted your Free plan limits, we let you buy flexi credits so that you can continue requesting reviews even when you are not on the premium plans.

aveJana's premium plan includes:
SEO Features
We offer rich snippets which help drive more qualified traffic to your website.

Social Integration
aveJana comes fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter. Share your best reviews with your fans.

Simple Q&A
Answer customer questions on your website directly. Increase your conversion rates.

Make your own private network of retail stores where your product is being sold. Syndicate your reviews and other user generated content with all of them. Increase your share of voice and influence conversations at all your points of sale.

And much more...

Releases (7)

Date Version Notes
2017-06-11 1.1.6

Avejana Custom Review Rating and Question Answer API

2017-06-03 1.1.5

Avejana Custom Review Rating and Question Answer API

2017-05-25 1.1.4

Avejana Custom Review Rating and Question Answer API

2017-05-12 1.1.3

Avejana Custom Review Rating and Question Answer API

2017-03-21 1.1.2

Please download the Latest release 1.1.2 from Releases section!

2017-01-23 1.0.1

Please download the Latest release 1.0.1 from Releases section!

2016-11-10 1.0.0

Please download the Latest release 1.0.0 from Releases section!