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Ayaline Range Filters extension provides two new attribute types : "Values group" and "Values ranges".
This extension is an enhancement of Sqli Range Filters and is compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.4 and 1.5.
These attributes are intended for a more user friendly layered navigation.
Values group : the layered navigation will display a group of values instead of all the different values.
Values ranges : the layered navigation will display several ranges to search into.

Plug and play module : no rewrite on core classes

Use case :

Values ranges : The customer can filter the results by weight using :
- Light (matching weight between 0 and 5 kg)
- Medium (between 5 and 10kg)
- and Heavy (up to 10kg)
Other example : washing machines with filter by spin speed (fast, very fast, ...).
These attributes of a new type can be created from Magento backend.

Values group : The customer can filter a list of shirts by kind of cloth (natural or synthetic) :
- natural : includes silk, cotton, wool, etc.
- synthetic : includes nylon, lycra, acrylic, etc.

[Credits] Developed, tested

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2011-05-04 2.0.1

Known issues :
The attribute type "Values ranges" uses default index table of Magento. It means that only integers will be indexed.

Search Results Layered Navigation.