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Magento has made available to its users, a collection of functions that allows them to access and modify data in a very safe way. However, saving each individual product can take a long time when updating a large set of data.

To improve this, Dweeves (Thank you so much for this great work) , has created a set of functions that provide a great way to create a direct SQL query which could update 1000’s of products in 1 or 2 seconds.
As a response to many Magento users requests, who do not know how to install it and how to use it, we have decided to create an extension with the following features:

Extension Features:

- Run updates periodically at 00:00 (Midnight) by Default
- Modify updates Scheduling by Picking a new date (see slideshow)
- Use Magento Cron features (no additional cron setup is needed)
- Easy 2-minute installation
- Easy to use
- No code changes required
- No programming Skills required
- User-friendly interface
- Provide a detailed updates report saved to a log File.
- Based on Dweeves script (Follow thread )

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2010-08-20 1.0

Extension tested on Magento CE 1.3.X.Y , 1.4.X.Y and Magento Enterprise Edition (