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Online retailers lose many customers at the checkout. They cancel their

purchase, in most cases due to the payment methods. The solution for this is

called BarPay, which is an alternative to all existing online payment methods.

Consumers do not need a bank account or credit card but pay in cash as they

are used to: simple, convenient and safe.

The BarPay principle is simple. Directly after the conclusion of the order

process, the buyer is sent an individual barcode via e-mail, invoice

attachment or directly in the browser. This can be printed out or presented

via smartphone to more than 18,000 local BarPay acceptance points like

petrol stations, shops and kiosks in Germany. If the consumer pays the

invoice at one of these sales outlets, the code is scanned, the payment

booked and the incoming payment reported to the retailer via the BarPay

system. The goods can then be dispatched.


Nach Auswahl von BarPay wird dem Käufer ein individueller Barcode per E-Mail, Rechnungsanhang oder zum Download übermittelt. Dieser kann ausgedruckt und beim BarPay Akezptanznetzwerk bezahlt werden. Dazu zählen rund 18.000 Handelsketten, Tankstellen und Kiosk-Systeme in ganz Deutschland. Der Zahlungseingang wird dem Online-Händler in Echtzeit übermittelt, und die bestellte Ware kann umgehend in den Versand gehen.

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2013-02-21 0.2.0

- add Minimum and Maximum order value

2012-10-08 0.1.9

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2012-10-07 0.1.8

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2012-10-07 0.1.7

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2012-10-01 0.1.6

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2012-09-20 0.1.5

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2012-08-28 0.1.2

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