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In order to automate a BikeExchange account two SOAP v2 functions are added. One provides stock and price information for frequent usage. The other provides product data for creating adverts on the marketplace.

Releases (8)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-21 2.0.0

rewritten api_resource_customer to support guest's email address

2017-05-15 1.0.6

Supported PHP 5.3.8

2017-05-10 1.0.5

Decreased minimum support PHP version to 5.3.0

2017-05-08 1.0.4

Using $product->isAvailable()

2017-05-02 1.0.3

Guessing more attribute codes
Output attribute codes
Output guessed attributes with data and text

2017-03-20 1.0.2

Increased maximum supported php version.

2017-03-02 1.0.1

Migrated the extension from local to community code pool.

2017-02-16 1.0.0