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BrainSINS Smart eCommerce is a 360ยบ personalization suite for eCommerce that helps eCommerce websites to increase up to 30% their sales. BrainSINS Smart eCommerce integrates personalized recommendations, eMail Retargeting, Behavioral Targeting, Gamification and eCommerce Analytics, all in one solution.

BrainSINS provides personalization technology that drives sales and conversion to more than 200 online retailers all around the globe, including large multichannel retailers such as Toys'R Us, MotherCare and Caterpillar, and solely online retail companies such as Gemln, Mimub, Zacatrus, etc.+

Some key features:

* Integrate into your e-commerce Amazon-like recommendations that drive conversions and sales, and make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for.
* Personalize all email communication with your customers, encourage engagement and recover abandoned shopping carts.
* Easily create marketing rules that modify your e-commerce website or interact with your customers according to user behavior.
* Use gamification to engage and cultivate the loyalty of your customers and grow a community of prescribers.
* We provide a full e-commerce analytics solution to help you understand the evolution of your online business.

Releases (27)

Date Version Notes

[Fix] Fixed issue with one step checkouts tracking


[Fix] brainsins.js is now appended at the end of the body


[Fix] Fixed issue when printing brainsins_qhash into brainsinsdata in cart page. [New] Now we track extra info from cart within user login.


New user tracking is triggered only once per session.

2016-09-29 2.1.7

New user tracking and new location for cart misc.

2016-09-22 2.1.6

Added code necessary for tracking quotes without using IDs, thus we may build the cart back using the hash generated,

2016-07-19 2.1.5

[Fix] Fixed issue when loading cusotm script plus ajax tracking

2016-07-15 2.1.4

[Fix] fixed issue when loading custom scripts.

2016-07-13 2.1.3

[Fix] fixed issue when retrieving idPurchase in thankYou page

2016-06-28 2.1.2

[New] BrainSINSData now receives Magento's purchase ID in the thankYou page.
[Fix] onPayment now sends Magento's idPurchase to the API.

2015-07-09 2.0.4

Fixed issues in catalog feed generation for multi-store data

2014-09-01 2.0.0

New version includes the possibility to use the cart abandonment and behavioral targeting services

2013-03-11 1.6.4

Added support for the new Behavioural Targeting Service

2013-02-01 1.6.3

Added the functionality to include custom external category filters in recommendation's requests (both normal and ajax mod)

2012-11-26 1.6.2

Solved an issue that prevented some recommenders to show properly when home page was being cached externally

2012-10-15 1.6.1

Added support for loading resized products urls directly without the need of using AJAX

2012-10-09 1.6.0

Added translation into Spanish for the adminhtml configuration form

2012-10-09 1.5.9

Added personalized display options for currencies

2012-09-27 1.5.8

Fixed an issue that showed https images in http mode when magento configuration is http for frontend and https for adminhtml
Fixed minor bugs

2012-09-20 1.5.7

Fixed an issue that showed https images in http mode when magento configuration is http for frontend and https for adminhtml

2012-09-11 1.5.6

Now recommendations can be retrieved using an ajax call

2012-07-26 1.5.5

Added a configuration option to retrieve description in recommendations

2012-07-26 1.5.4

Unified price tracking
Added an option to import custom styling script

2012-06-19 1.5.3

Fixed currency display bug

2012-06-19 1.5.2

Improved support for multi-currncy and multi-store sites.

2012-05-23 1.5.1

Added more options to catalog information and support for multi-currency recommendations

2012-03-23 1.4.7

Solved a problem with catalog retrieval in Magento version 1.4.x