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CACHE FILL is an easy to use way to speed up your web server browsing experience to your customers and maximizes the value of your hosting and caching technologies.

This Magento plug-in instantly enables CACHE FILL for your website and lets you run CACHE FILL any time to speed up your website.

Use CACHE FILL every time you refresh and clear your server cache to fill it up again.

This free module will enable you to trigger the CACHE FILL service from within Magento's cache management panel. You do need an active CACHE FILL subscription.

You can try CACHE FILL with your own for only $1.99 directly on

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes
2013-11-26 2.0.5

CACHE FILL fills your cache and speeds up all pages of your website with a CACHE FILL subscription.

2013-11-26 2.0.4


2013-11-26 2.0.3


2013-11-26 2.0.2


2013-11-15 2.0.1


2013-11-15 1.0.2