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Malabi (Ronen)

Remove background from multiple images in seconds with Malabi.

The automatic image background remover by Malabi will quickly remove the background from any product photo. Our patented technology does all the work for you.

☆ Try out Malabi Background Remover for FREE☆ After free trial pay ONLY $5 per month for unlimited number of images!☆

Malabi is a computer-vision based technology that will allow any Magento seller remove backgrounds from product images quickly and easily in seconds, saving money and time!

When selling a product online, image quality is crucial. A professional looking image means higher conversion rates. Malabi is a fast, simple and cost effective solution for Magento seller’s needs.

When entering the app, our algorithm automatically removes the backgrounds and delivers studio quality product images to all of your Magento uploaded photos.
Once you view the outcome you decide which enhanced images to add to your product listings.

If the automatically enhanced image is not good enough for you, you can always manually edit the outcome by using the 'Touch up’ mode.

Malabi offers:

✓ Automatic background removal.
✓ Immediate Results.
✓ Studio quality images.
✓ Choose between transparent or White background.
✓ Choose between with or without shadow.
✓ Manual 'Touch up' mode.

Malabi’s enhanced images ensures a faster and more profitable sale!

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2017-03-20 1.0.7

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2017-03-16 1.0.5

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2017-03-16 1.0.4

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2017-03-16 1.0.3

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2017-03-16 1.0.2

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2017-03-15 1.0.1

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2017-03-14 1.0.0

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