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Campaigner integration for Magento

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Date Version Notes
2016-05-13 1.1.1

- Send full order, product, and category data to Campaigner: Target your subscribers by the products they purchase, the amount of money they spend, the categories they shop in and more! Campaigner’s Magento extension now automatically sends order and product information into your Campaigner database. Order information sent to Campaigner includes Email Address, Order Number, Product Name, SKU, Purchase Price, Purchase Date and more. Category/product data will be moved to Campaigner gradually as orders are moved, but it can alternatively be moved in bulk (using new sync features, see below) or automatically any time you make a change to a product or category in Magento. This information will appear in the e-Commerce tab of your Campaigner account; if you don't see the e-Commerce main navigation tab, contact Campaigner Sales before you begin.

- Bulk data synchronization: Get started quickly by importing your Magento subscriber data directly into Campaigner®. Send orders and product information in bulk to kick start segmentation-driven drip campaigns right after a fresh install or at any time afterwards to keep your email marketing initiatives and Magento activities seamlessly in sync.

- Trigger Campaigner workflows: Choose whether or not subscriber actions (profile updates and subscription preferences) performed in your Magento storefront will trigger any related, active workflows set up in your Campaigner account.

- Tracking background tasks: additional sections have been added to the 'Management' menu item under the 'Campaigner' main navigation tab to display information on data transfer activities relating to orders, products, and categories.

2015-12-02 1.0.3

Patch for newsletter issue.

2015-10-07 1.0.2

Tailor the subscription management experience: Provide your Magento customers with specific subscription management options by selecting which Campaigner mailing lists they can sign up for or opt out of when they visit the newsletter subscription area in their Magento account. Please note that regardless of which lists you choose to expose, your main list will always appear in the newsletter subscription area.

Track abandon behavior by contact or across all contacts: Share abandoned cart sequences across all contacts to capture a broad sample of abandons for a special promotion you plan to send to a subset of contacts, or track the sequence per-contact to trigger personalized, automated follow-up messages in Campaigner.

Permissions updated to allow access to admin pages for specific roles.

Improved custom field support.

Added additional uninstall instructions.

2015-07-30 1.0.1

Campaigner Integration for Magento