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* allow access to categories for selected user groups only
* users see products and categories only if allowed
* default category settings can be changed individually per category or
for the whole store
* built-in groups for ALL (no access control applies), NONE (no access),
REGISTERED (any registered user)

It's pretty easy to configure, but if you are looking for serious access control
you need to use Magento Enterprise Edition.

This extension is based on the excellent work by Vinnai Kung
We used his code to change the functionality and simplify the interface.

We actively develop and support this extension please, report any bugs here.
Our existing customers using our web-to-print and dynamic
imaging extension ( can contact us
via email with bugs reports and feature requests.

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes

* Re-packaged for M.


* Include accidentally forgotten changes. Sorry. Yet another attempt :-(


* Include accidentally forgotten changes. Sorry.


* Synchronize code with Vinnai Kung's GroupsCatalog extension
up to 0.3.9 release
* Add support for M. release.


* Remove hidden categories and products from sitemap list (issue #289)
* Remove hidden products from search results;
correct products counting (issue #256)


First stable release