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Boost your conversions 300-800% with ConversionPro V8 – Unlimited Conversion Power in One Easy to Use Suite!

***Celebros is the first industry partner with Magento ECG approved plugin/code!***

The ConversionPro V8 suite of conversion technologies combines the most advanced set of tools with an easy to operate user interface to help e-commerce merchants get the most out of their site and turn more browsers into paying customers.

Shattering the e-commerce industry’s status quo, Celebros’ ConversionPro V8 feature rich suite of conversion technologies includes 9 conversion enhancing tools, products and features designed for e-commerce professionals by e-commerce professionals with the sole goal of conversions in-mind.

The new Celebros ConversionPro V8 is the ultimate solution for optimal site-search, navigation, dynamic merchandizing campaign building and management, on-site analytics including user action based reports, cross sell and product finder tools, and many other action rich features specifically designed to provide e-commerce professionals the best tools for their daily conversion management.
“Site-search technology can affect the majority of a store’s traffic, making a critical impact on the store’s performance,” Roy Rubin, CEO and Founder of Magento said. “Celebros has further created the toolset for our Solution Partners to effectively integrate site-search with reviews, ratings, and other compelling content into a unique shopping experience.”
The ConversionPro V8 suite includes the following 9 features plus more:
Affordable plans start at $1,500/month
Semantic Site-Search:
Celebros intelligent, concept- based Site Search understands a shopper’s intent and returns relevant and accurate results every time — on the first page. This means increased Conversion Rates and revenue for online stores. The search engine response time is 0.05 seconds or less, every time!
Guided Navigation:
Navigation is the most popular tool for online shoppers this streamlined shopping experience empowers your customers to search for products they want with the least amount of effort and the most positive results. They will be able to find products via navigation normally not accessible with navigation alone.
AutoComplete completes your customer’s sentences as they type, returning accurate results instantly, with lightening fast speed. Your most popular products are matched to the most popular queries, showcasing the inventory you want to showcase.
Multi-Select Navigation:
Make your store navigation even more flexible and user-friendly by enabling customer to select multiple values or attributes of the same search. the multi-select approach provides the ability to express search queries that both expand and narrow results by flexibly combining the inclusion (“AND”) and (“OR”) across all product variables, attributes and other selected information.
Dynamic Merchandizing Engine:
Promote profitable products and redirect customers where you want them to shop. In just minutes, this powerful feature allows you to create banner campaigns and redirected landing pages. For example, you can create a banner promoting free shipping for the 50 most popular search queries on your site.
Virtual Categories:
With Conversion Pro V8′s cutting edge conversion technologies, you can create a Virtual Category to instantly introduce products as soon as a new trend hits the market or to meet a demand. Creating a Virtual Category is as easy as re-grouping products and creating new points of interest on your site.
Imagine a feature that knows your inventory better than you do. Expose customers to more products, increase average order size! Like any good salesperson, Cross Sell’s powerful recommendation engine “knows” your inventory and suggests additional items that may be of interest to your customers while they’re shopping.
Product Finders:
Even before shoppers start their search, Gift Finder asks them specific questions in order to best direct them to what they are looking for, immediately delivering useful and personalized results based on the user input. This module helps relieve shopping related stress and increases the chances of a conversion!
LiveSight Analytics:
Not only will you benefit from an “under the hood” look at what’s bringing your visitors to your site you will see what those visitors are doing and why they are not converting into paid customers. With this information, you’ll be able to keep your site current, relevant and optimized.

About Celebros: Celebros, Inc. is the global leader in e-commerce site-search, merchandizing and conversion technologies for online retailers.

Founded in 2000, Celebros revolutionized e-commerce by creating intelligent, concept-based search for online stores. Since that time, Celebros has emerged as the industry leader in conversion technologies, developing a cutting edge search solution that employs the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology available. Celebros is the only provider of conversion technologies that is available in seven languages.

Celebros customers include over 1,200 e-commerce retailers and merchants in eleven countries, including the United States, Europe and Asia. A number of these are among Internet Retailer’s Top 100/500 companies and represent a broad range of industry segments, revenue and catalog sizes.

The privately held Celebros is headquartered in northern New Jersey, with a Customer Management office in California. Celebros maintains its Research and Development center in Israel and has Sales and Customer Support offices in London, Munich and Paris. The Celebros management team has extensive international experience in technology, finance and sales. Currently the company has 50 employees, including professionals in the fields of software development, mathematics, computer science, linguistics and marketing.

Celebros prides itself on providing multi-language solutions, excellent service and customized solutions to fit specific customer needs using a SaaS business model.

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