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Auto Currency extension tracks visitor's IP address and automatically changes the store currency to the visitor's location currency. Visitor can switch to his/her desired currency at any time.

This extension uses two IP Address databases for IP Address lookup. One is MaxMind's GeoIP and the other is Webnet77's Ip2Country database. Shop admins have the option to choose between these two databases. The default one is Webnet77's Ip2Country database. Note: Webnet77's ip2country database is more reliable/accurate than MaxMind's database.

No extra configuration settings is to be made. Just install the module in your multi-currency Magento shop and the module will work on the fly.

You can also Enable or Disable the module from configuration setting.
System -> Configuration -> CATALOG -> Catalog -> Auto Currency

Releases (12)

Date Version Notes
2017-02-23 0.2.2

Updated IP address database files

2017-02-16 0.2.1

Updated IP address database files

2014-12-29 0.2.0

Updated to latest MaxMind's database and geoip .inc file.
Added IPv6 support to MaxMind.
Added a new Ip2Country database of Webnet77.

2013-10-22 0.1.9

Minor text change for configuration settings option

2013-10-20 0.1.8

Added Enable/Disable configuration settings

2013-10-20 0.1.7

Fixed issue of module not working for some countries. Updated file.

2012-09-24 0.1.6

Updated with latest version of GeoIP.dat

2012-09-24 0.1.5

Updated with latest version of GeoIP.dat

2011-06-13 0.1.4

Fixed Issue: Showing nearest currency in the list instead of showing base currency when visitor's currency is not enabled. Now, visitor's base currency is displayed in this case.

2011-05-15 0.1.2

Fixed Bug: Showing Fatal error: Cannot redeclare geoip_load_shared_mem()

2011-05-13 0.1.1

Fixed Bug: Showing Nepalese Currency only

2011-05-11 0.1.0