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Take control of customer disputes with Chargeback, the only tool you need to Automate Responses, Manage Alerts and Enable Reporting. Enjoy automation you can rely on to cancel shipments, disable services, deactivate gift cards, prevent fees and control your chargeback ratio.
What this plugin does
Chargeback uses your Magento Store's order information to quickly craft comprehensive and compelling chargeback responses for your merchant account processor and acquiring bank. Chargeback will pull all of the data it needs for each dispute you receive and submit the response to your merchant account processor.
This plugin allows Chargeback to:

Cancel orders and block shipments purchased with stolen cards
Recover revenue lost to the fraudulent and accidental use of chargeback rights by your customers
Provide reporting and analytics used to prevent fraud and improve operations

How this plugin works
This plugin uses the Magento API to gather compelling evidence for chargeback responses and to cancel orders flagged for fraud by Issuing Banks.
Note: You must have an account with Chargeback for this plugin to work and you must connect your payment service provider(s) to your Chargeback account.

Reporting Dashboard: Get started with Chargeback's reporting right away. Your transactional data is transformed into a visual insights in your Chargeback dashboard. This will help you easily understand your total lost revenue.

Security: Chargeback uses SSL technology to enable encryption of sensitive information, including passwords and credit card numbers. Firewalls, penetration testing, and Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) ensure your data is secure at all times.

Automation: Issuer confirmed fraud and via Alerts helps cancel new orders and stop the shipment of goods while comprehensive and timely Responses with custom workflows help recover fraud losses.

Integrations: Compelling evidence from entire your commerce stack is aggregated to present the strongest case possible against customer disputes.

Quality Assurance: Our team of expert chargeback analysts double-check every response to make sure the documentation is complete, accurate, and formatted for reason code and processor specifications.

Aligned Interests: Billing is based on recovered revenue. You only pay when we recover your money. Using our chargeback expertise and your industry-specific expertise, we constantly refine rules and workflows to ensure you’re deriving the highest return possible from our solution.

Releases (8)

Date Version Notes
2017-06-09 1.1.6

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-06-09 1.1.5

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-06-05 1.1.4

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-06-05 1.1.3

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-05-23 1.1.2

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-05-22 1.1.1

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-05-22 1.1.0

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.

2017-02-08 1.0.0

Connect Magento to Chargeback app.