Magento Extension
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Chatbot (Telegram and Facebook Messenger), with this module you can fully integrate your Magento store with the most popular chat apps in the market. This means that by simply installing this module and a few clicks you can have a new way to show and sell your products to your clients. Very easy to use! Try now, it's FREE.
Customers will be able to simply enter into a chat conversation with your bot, and ask him to do things like add products to cart, check order status, send emails to your store, and much much more. Check the features below.

Acess our GitHub page to get the latest version, and don't forget to give us a star :D -

For a complete documentation on how to use (specially for advanced configuration) access Magento Chatbot Documentation.

- integration for NLP
- List store categories
- List products from category
- Search for products
- Add product to cart
- Clear cart
- Login/Logout to your account
- List orders
- Track order status
- Reorder
- Send email
- Send message to support
- Reply customer support messages from you favorite chat messenger
- Send message to all customers (promotion messages, etc)
- Force exit customer from support mode
- Block a customer for using support mode
- Use Telegram to receive and reply messages from Facebook
- Set custom reply messages for predetermined text or regex
- Custom fallback messages

Currently not working with Configurable Products and products with custom options

1. Unpack the extension ZIP file in your Magento root directory
2. Clear the Magento cache: **System > Cache Management**
3. Log out the Magento admin and log back in to clear the ACL list
4. Recompile if you are using the Magento Compiler

Releases (3)

Date Version Notes
2017-05-13 0.0.15

First stable version.

2017-03-17 0.0.9

Add option to send custom replies to predetermined messages.

2017-03-11 0.0.5

Add option to send custom replies to predetermined messages.