Magento Extension
Download latest - 1.0.3

No changes to the core needed,
no dependent modules.

Tested on Mage 1.2-1.7.

Lots of code, but small amount of Mage key code,
so it should work on future releases too.

It was a dream of many, but some were not capable to build this extension,
and some were too lazy to do it.
I just needed it more than others I guess.

I've spent a lot of time to build it, so I want to share it with community.

Releases (4)

Date Version Notes
2013-09-14 1.0.3

Fixed PHP 5.4 compatibility

2013-09-14 1.0.2

Fixed PHP 5.4 compatibility

2012-05-27 1.0.1

Stable v1.0.1
Fixed Magento Connect v1.0 installation

2012-05-26 1.0.0

Stable v1.0.0