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Contentplum: Most powerful tool to integrate social feeds, RSS feeds, web articles and Testimonials to your store

Increase user engagement and sharing by displaying curated social content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks

Provide social proof at various conversion points by displaying Testimonials from your most influential and loyal customers

Blend your merchandize with your customer Twitter, Facebook social posts and instagram photos.

Contentplum can be used for..

Social HUB -
Create socially interactive and engaging experience by bringing all your social conversations from different social media back to your store

Contests -
Create hashtag contests. All your customer tweets and photos with that hashtag will directly show up on your store. Expect your customer shout out to get featured on your store.

Testimonials -
Manually add and collect testimonials. Curate social posts into testimonials. Display most relevant testimonial at the right place on your store

Gallery -
Collect photos shared on twitter and instagram with specific search term and show right below your product or on separate gallery page



Releases (2)

Date Version Notes
2014-06-06 1.0.1

Fixed configuration file issues

2014-04-02 1.0.0

Initial version