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This extension provides an official integration of your Magento store with Login and Pay with Amazon service. It helps your customers shop quickly, safely and securely. Your customers can pay on your website without re-entering their payment and address details. All Amazon transactions are protected by Amazon's A-to-z Guarantee.

Releases (20)

Date Version Notes
2017-09-12 2.0.0

# Major Highlights
- Implemented omni-chronous authorization
# Changes
- Refactored order post-processing
- Changed IPN endpoint URL
- Changed frontend layout and templates (no backward compatibility)
- Simplified frontend JS application

2017-05-12 1.8.6

# Improvements
- Added coupon code handling in Amazon checkout review
- Added possibility to disconnect customer account from Amazon account
# Changes
- Removed password form for account matching when customer is logged-in
- Updated Amazon Pay logos in Magento admin
# Fixes
- Fixed PHP versions in Magento Connect package.xml file

2017-02-24 1.8.4

# Improvements
- Support for France, Italy and Spain
- Support for PHP 7
- Configurable store name in API calls
# Changes
- `Amazon Payments` re-branding
# Fixes
- Fixed legacy payment method bug when trying to list all payment methods
- Fixed missing `original_price` and `base_original_price` item's attributes after order is placed
- Added missing return statement to the IPN controller

2016-06-15 1.8.2

# Major Highlights
- Implemented Quick Configuration (Simple Path)
# Improvements
- Added verbosity to error messages on frontend in sandbox mode
- Set payment method as soon as Amazon checkout is started
# Fixes
- Fixed call to member function on null
quote variable in payment method model

2016-03-24 1.7.8

# Improvements
- Implemented simplified partial capture
# Changes
- Updated Amazon Payments SDK library
# Fixes
- Added missing declined payment email templates for FR, IT and ES
- Fixed several issues for hard declined authorizations in synchronous mode

2016-02-28 1.7.6

# Improvements
- Added support for custom SSL CA bundle file
- Implemented automatic authentication experience
- Disable `Pay with Amazon` availability for zero-total orders
- Retrieving billing address during the checkout
- Added exception handling for missing amazon_user_id attribute
# Fixes
- Added support for SUPEE-6285 patch
- Added support for SUPEE-6788 patch
- Fixed calls to deprecated iconv functions in SDK library
- Fixed display errors for Magento RWD theme

2015-09-09 1.7.4

ADDED: missing payment cancellation functions
ADDED: Login with Amazon button on the customer registration page
IMPROVED: retrieving shipping address during the checkout
IMPROVED: disable Amazon button for virtual orders when Login is disabled
FIXED: issue with placing virtual orders in sandbox mode
FIXED: closing order reference on completed capture

2015-07-03 1.7.2

ADDED: multilanguage feature for Login with Amazon
ADDED: store name to SetOrderReferenceDetails call
ADDED: reason code of the transaction status directly to the order comments
ADDED: re-authorization after the first authorization expires
ADDED: putting order on hold for some kinds of closed authorization
UPDATED: Amazon Payments SDK library to 1.0.14
FIXED: Firefox redirect experience issue
FIXED: helper function for splitting full customer name

2015-05-11 1.6.4

ADDED: links to seller credentials in Amazon Seller Central on extension settings page
ADDED: link to order in Amazon Seller Central on order preview page in Magento admin
ADDED: invoice cancellation on declinde capture
MODIFIED: way of identifying "Place order" button in the checkout
FIXED: tooltip for mobile devices
FIXED: missing re-authorization on declined authorization in auth & capture payment mode

2015-04-23 1.6.2

FIXED: bugs in refactored payment model
FIXED: IPN processing bugs in v.1.6.0
FIXED: 404 error when customer press "Cancel" on Amazon login form

2015-03-19 1.6.0

ADDED: synchronous authorization
ADDED: initial order status config option

2015-02-11 1.3.4

ADDED: gift messages support
MODIFIED: improved customer address handling for DE and AT (extract company name from the address)
FIXED: missing order item's original_price and base_original_price fields
FIXED: enabled "Place order" button issue when payment method is not selected
FIXED: disabled "Place order" button issue for virtual orders

2014-12-16 1.3.2

ADDED: cURL error handling for Login API calls
MODIFIED: asynchronous JS loading in the documenty body
MODIFIED: use deminified JS for sandbox mode
MODIFIED: Amazon button tooltip text for virtual orders
MODIFIED: Amazon SDK library (refactor to fix autoloader issues)
FIXED: shipping cost display issue when additional totals are implemented
FIXED: JS merging issue
FIXED: closing OrderReference after successful capture


FIXED: class 'OffAmazonPaymentsNotifications_NotificationImpl' not found issue when accessing IPN endpoint


FIXED: class 'SnsMessageValidator' not found issue when accessing IPN endpoint

2014-10-22 1.2.6

ADDED: responsive Amazon Payments widgets
FIXED: accesing settings page issue in Magento lower than
FIXED: Magento compiler compatibility issue

2014-09-19 1.2.4

FIXED: double button issue when Login service is disabled

2014-09-12 1.2.2

ADDED: Login with Amazon feature
ADDED: Amazon Payments acount validation button
UPDATED: Amazon SDK librayr to 1.0.11
FIXED: payment cancelling issue in mutistore installations
FIXED: permanently disabled "Place Order" button issues
FIXED: clean orderReferendeId from the session data after successful order

2014-05-22 1.1.2

ADDED: pagination for the log grid
ADDED: Magento Order ID data to the SetOrderReferenceDetails call
FIXED: date formatting on the log grid
FIXED: cart redirection issue when an exception is thrown during placing the order

2014-05-08 1.1.0

FIXED: sending emails for authorization declines of reason other than InvalidPaymentMethod
ADDED: quote validation and checkout session validation