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Doofinder is the best on-site search engine service for Magento. This free extension allows you to populate the data feed file required to use the Doofinder search service for each store view in a URL (the data feed displays only public information of your products).

# Why use Doofinder?

Doofinder provides fast and accurate results based on your website content. Accurate and relevant results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types. With Doofinder you are confident that your visitors are finding what they are looking for regardless of the number of products in your site. These are some advantages of using Doofinder in your site:

- Instant, relevant results.
- Tolerant of misspellings.
- Search filters.
- Increases the conversion rates.
- No technical knowledge are required.
- Allows the use of labels and synonyms.
- Installs in minutes.
- Provides statistical information.
- Doofinder brings back the control over the searches in your site to you.

A good search engine should provide relevant results. It is exactly what Doofinder does.

When the user starts typing in the search box, Doofinder displays the best results for her search. If the user makes a typo, our algorithms detect it and will perform the search as if the term is correctly typed.

Furthermore, Doofinder sorts the results displaying the most relevant first.

# Relevant Statistics

The Doofinder's backend also offers easy to understand statistics. They provide useful information about the usage, results and search trends of your users in the last 90 days.

With the knowledge of what are the most used terms by your users, you can provide guided results for their queries. You can link the results with your Google Analytics profile to better evaluate and improve the contents of your website.

# SaaS

With Doofinder you will benefit permanently of the service updates and improvements with no additional cost. All our plans provide full technical support.

If you have any question, please, contact us. Our technical support team will be happy to assist you.

# More information

Doofinder is fast and innovative. With no doubt, it is the best search engine for Magento. The Doofinder service is not free but it has a 30 day trial period.

You can get more info and create your account visiting the Doofinder site:

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2017-09-07 1.8.17

Better information about cron status.

2017-07-31 1.8.16

Hotfix: Fixed missing parameter in fulltext search resource.

2017-07-19 1.8.15

Hotfix: Fix cron alert condition in feed status panel. Add regression tests. Do not allow exporting `sale price` larger than `price`. Bugfix: Replace Varien_Io_File::filePutContent with file_put_contents. Replace resource iterator with simple foreach loop. Bugfix: Return all search results if query is stored.

2017-07-17 1.8.14

Fixed condition that made sale prices greater than regular prices possible.

2017-07-13 1.8.13

Fixed a small bug that made a warning being always displayed.

2017-07-06 1.8.12

Fixed compatibility with PHP 5.5.9.

2017-07-05 1.8.11

Code standards.

2017-06-23 1.8.10

Fixed PHP 5.4 compatibility.

2017-06-23 1.8.9

Better error handling. Better feed status.

2017-06-19 1.8.8


2017-05-23 1.8.7

Fixed bug in price export.

2017-05-12 1.8.6

Added Price Export Mode setting to the Product Data Feed options.

2017-04-03 1.8.5

Fix availability in configurable products.

2017-03-30 1.8.4

Try to lock feeds being generated so they're not broken by other processes. Try to fix availability in configurable products.

2017-03-21 1.8.3

Fixed bugs in cron (timezone and password protection).

2017-03-03 1.8.2

Fixed bug.

2017-02-27 1.8.1

Added feed protection feature.

2017-01-26 1.8.0

Big update: Doofinder PHP client library.

2017-01-17 1.7.2

Maintenance version. Previous versions were unstable and were hidden.

2017-01-17 1.7.1

WARNING: Updated Doofinder PHP API Library. This is a big update. Remember to clear Magento Cache!!!

2017-01-17 1.7.0

WARNING: Updated Doofinder PHP Library. This is a big update. Remember to clear Magento Cache!!!

2017-01-13 1.6.13

Fixed internal search results order in Magento 1.9.3.x.

2017-01-10 1.6.12

Some cleanup in feed generation.

2017-01-09 1.6.11

Fixed internal search in Magento 1.9.3.x.

2016-12-06 1.6.10

Fixed image directive.

2016-11-22 1.6.9


2016-11-09 1.6.8


2016-11-08 1.6.7

Added check to avoid caching non-existing products on search.

2016-10-28 1.6.6

Dumps one item per line to avoid errors with big feeds when trying to detect XML's main tag.

2016-10-24 1.6.5

Correctly handle custom boost fields.