Magento Extension
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Drupal extension is a set of Core API extensions that offers a full access for Drupal modules (magento_* that can be downloaded here : ....) to Orders, Catalog and so on.

This extension, will offer you to TOTALLY bypass Magento front office, using Drupal instead.

When a new user is created a Magento user is automatically created also.
Orders can be created from Drupal, cart is managed from Drupal.
Catalog is syncrhonized, so each Magento Product is a Drupal node that you can push into Views, etc....
We're actually porting some paiement gateways (Paypal) so paiement process remains in Drupal also.

Releases (5)

Date Version Notes
2009-06-17 1.2.4

[+] Helper_Data class added. This feature fix some problems with Web services Role creation.

2009-06-05 1.2.3


2009-06-05 1.2.2


2009-06-05 1.2.1


2009-06-04 1.2