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Adds DPD Pickup shipping method
Adds DPD courier shipping method
Allows to define shipping price per country
Allows to define free shipping per country
Pre-filled with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania shipping prices
Refreshes list of parcel terminal automatically
Allows to create and print DPD packing slips
Allows to call the courier from Magento admin
Allows cash on delivery payment and allows to set an extra fee per country which will be appended to shipping fee
Intended to use for Estonian merchant who sends parcels to all Baltic states

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2016-12-14 0.1.34

- Improved compatiblity with OPC checkouts

2016-11-17 0.1.33

- added weight, qty, order_id to tracking info

2016-05-06 0.1.32

- Fixed bug in XML variable generation

2016-03-21 0.1.31

- Fixed country code add logic to phone numbers
- Fixed XML variable generation

2016-02-05 0.1.30

- Added XML helper into postoffice package

2016-01-17 0.1.29

- Pickup point extra info is stored correctly
- Mixed content warning removed from admin configuration panel

2016-01-04 0.1.28

- implemented Mage_Shipping_Model_Carrier_Interface

2015-12-22 0.1.27

- Added field Sh_email to Flat.php

2015-12-22 0.1.26

- Added field Sh_email to Flat.php

2015-12-22 0.1.25

- Added field Sh_email

2015-11-12 0.1.24

- SUPEE-6788 Compatibility further improvement

2015-10-26 0.1.23

- SUPEE-6788 Compatibility

2015-09-30 0.1.22

- Added Use per item weight switch
- Added support for licenceable modules

2015-09-30 0.1.21

- Added Use per item weight switch
- Added support for licenceable modules

2015-09-30 0.1.20

- Added Use per item weight switch
- Added support for licenceable modules

2015-07-15 0.1.19

- Compatiblity with SUPEE-6285
- Added option "all remaining countries"

2015-07-15 0.1.18

- Compatiblity with SUPEE-6285
- Added option "all remaining countries"

2015-06-06 0.1.17

- DPD Parcelstore changed to DPD Pickup

2015-04-13 0.1.16

- Strip non-numeric characters from phone number before auto-sending data

2015-03-31 0.1.15

- Added new attribute System_name which sends current System name and version number over API calls

2015-03-06 0.1.14

- Added ability to send e-mails with attachments

2015-02-02 0.1.13

- Added ability to log requests to a file
- Sh_company field is populated properly

2015-01-06 0.1.12

- Added various improvements to Eabi_Postoffice package, required to update only if you are using modules, which depend on those updates

2014-12-21 0.1.11

- Changed timezone ETC/GMT+0 to Etc/GMT+0 because of errors on some servers
- Added event listener before checkout commit to throw exception when parcel terminal is not selected
- Added event listener for sending out e-mail on data send success and fetching email from corresponding shipping method model

2014-11-24 0.1.10

- Changed test URL to http://demo.surflink.ee:51680/rpc/gateway/
- Fixed bugs related to not auto-sending data when module was disabled on global scale, but was enabled in a specified store

2014-09-15 0.1.9

- Added ability to disable only parcelstore or courier carrier by and html comments respectively

2014-09-05 0.1.8

- Fix recoverable error with isCodEnabled and getCodFee functions (remove Mage_Customer_Model_Address parameter type requirement)
- Fix error which prohibited confirming the checkout when one of the shipping methods have been disabled via ~/app/etc/modules/*.xml

2014-07-11 0.1.7

- Added COD feature to DPD shipping methods
- Fixed last selected terminal display bug on country change
- Added isCodEnabled and _applyPriceFromCod functions to Postoffice abstract carrier
- Ability to auto-send-data to server is now checked by canSendData function in Postoffice abstract carrier

2014-04-04 0.1.6

* Improved compatibility with Eabi_Cod module

2014-02-25 0.1.5

* Packing slip displays Pakipood address at the packing slip instead of customers address
* Courier call in menu displays available times now properly.