Magento Extension
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When in the Order Grid view, extra button is added next to Bill-to name
Clicking on the Show order button opens up detailed order view in a modal box
You can navigate between orders by pressing directional keys or by pressing left/right icons on the order view
Possibility to create your own action buttons, which allows to save lots of time when managing orders
Possibility to purchase action buttons like Add order comment, Create invoice, Ship order and more

Releases (17)

Date Version Notes
2016-05-13 0.1.17

- Changed query that asks out order information show buttons to improve compatibility with other modules

2016-04-29 0.1.16

- added dispatchEvent eabi_livehandler_ordergrid_item_show_before which allows to alter data before order_item is displayed

2015-11-11 0.1.15

- SUPEE-6788 Compatibility Improvement after real patch testing

2015-10-26 0.1.14

- SUPEE-6788 Compatibility

2015-09-30 0.1.13

- Added support for licenceable modules

2015-09-30 0.1.12

- Added support for licenceable modules

2015-08-17 0.1.11

- Implemented logger class

2015-07-15 0.1.10

- Improved compatibility after SUPEE-6285 patch

2014-11-24 0.1.9

- Added support to activate licenses on some E-Abi Shipping and Payment modules
- Fixed compatiblity with getBarcodeFunction on E-Abi shipping modules in a way that packing slip could be printed, when barcodes are returned as array

2014-07-07 0.1.8

* Unified data sending logic implemented in model Action/Postoffice/Send in order to better accommodate COD courier

2014-04-16 0.1.7

* Added block to obfuscate emails from webbots. usage: {{block type='eabi_livehandler/email' address='user@domain.com'}}

2014-01-16 0.1.6

* Fixed public service handler bug. Now it is capable of returning service() results.

2014-01-09 0.1.5

* Added documentation
* added toJson wrapper to base model

2014-01-03 0.1.4

* Added checkbox to order view, which selects current order for massaction operations
* Added Send Data to server in order to comply with DPD extension
* Added Print packing slip in order to comply with DPD extension
* Code is from now on also licensed under GPL v3

2013-12-03 0.1.3

* Fixed PHP errors related to call_user_func() is not valid function callback in Eabi_LiveHandler_Model_Directory_Collection
* Order manager is enabled by default

2013-11-21 0.1.2

* Refactored directory lister into the module, no more need to edit Varien_Data_Collection manually
* Displays order manager if only one order is in the list
* Fixed onclick htmlspecialchars javascript error

2013-05-10 0.1.1

Initial release