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EmailDirect integration for magento

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2015-10-30 2.0.17

Store identifier (name, ID or code) is now included in custom fields. This will allow you to associate customers with specific stores in a multi-store environment.

Cron can now be accessed by a URL for situations when traditional Cron setups fail.

Troubleshooting page can now view system and exception log files to aid in troubleshooting.

2015-10-06 2.0.16

Grouped product price fixes.

Cron troubleshooting page.

2015-08-03 2.0.15

Grouped product fixes.

Permissions updated to allow access to admin pages for specific roles.

2015-07-30 2.0.14

Cron warning fix

2015-03-06 2.0.13

Abandoned Cart process improvements.

Improved HTTPS support.

2015-01-23 2.0.12

Updates to PopUp Modal

2015-01-16 2.0.11

Improvements to signup form for custom checkouts and complex product sale prices.

2015-01-16 2.0.10

Improvements to signup form for custom checkouts and complex product sale prices.

2014-11-21 2.0.9

Order and Abandoned Cart diagnostics

Improved logging with advanced settings

Help Page (with list of fields that can be mapped)

API Key validation improvements (a valid key will not be marked invalid during API/Network outages).

Code improvements to make customization easier.

Signup form improvements (works better with Full Page Caching)

2014-10-03 2.0.8

Updates to abandoned shopping carts with Simple Products.

2014-09-12 2.0.7

The module can now send the customer's Last Login Date.

Improvements to modal signup form.

2014-08-21 2.0.6

Module will now be able to take the image from the parent item if the simple item has no image set.

Improvements to product visibility tests when sending products to EmailDirect.

2014-07-11 2.0.5

Send subscribers Wish List URL and their most recent Wish List Date to your EmailDirect database

2014-06-20 2.0.4

Update to ensure Force Subscription option succeeds when enabled.

2014-05-23 2.0.3

Configurable, Grouped and Bundle Product improvements.

Related Products Improvements.

Updates for custom checkouts.

2014-04-18 2.0.2

Bug fixes.

Abandoned Cart page store status display now shows Website - Group - Store Name for each store instead of just Store Name.

2014-04-08 2.0.1

Misc Fixes

2014-03-12 2.0.0

Moved code from local to community folder and using EmailDirect only tables to store data

Popup/Modal for visitors using an EmailDirect Signup Form (customizable)

Email Capture for guest accounts who abandon their cart

Updated Abandoned Cart page with more options for multiple stores

Added ability to use order state or status to determine when to send order

Orders can now be processed in batches through a cron process

2013-11-25 1.5.8

Troubleshooting is upgraded to automatically turn off after 10 minutes.

Required database fields are checked each time you visit the Configuration Page.

Database Fields that are missing may be fixed manually or through the extension.

2013-10-31 1.5.7

Stores can now set an ordered sequence to be appended to subscribers that abandoned a shopping cart. Sequencing feature lets clients easily split test abandoned cart workflows.

2013-10-16 1.5.6

Bug fixes for multiple store configuration.
Export fixes for older Enterprise versions.

2013-09-17 1.5.5

Bug fixes for multiple store configuration.
Configure which order state(s) will be sent to EmailDirect.
Override option for Sources on existing records
Debug/Troubleshooting improvements
Misc fixes

2013-08-05 1.5.3

Added Functionality: Order Exports for the past 12 months.

2013-06-27 1.5.2

Bug Fixes

2013-06-19 1.5.1

Bug Fixes

2013-06-09 1.5.0

Release Notes:
- Currency Symbol added to Cost Fields
- Troubleshooting system implemented
- Customer Account Dashboard Improvements
- Subscribe/Unsubscribe to Newsletter and Interests (Lists)
- Bug Fixes
- Bad API Key fix
- Multi-store Support Improved
- Separate API keys per Store
- Abandoned Cart process runs per Store
- Improved support for Disabling of Module
- Disabling module stops calls to API and turns off custom blocks on front end
- Disable module per store
- Tested on Enterprise 1.13

2013-05-09 1.3.1

Abandoned Cart display grid fixes.

2013-05-08 1.3.0

Updated abandoned cart process with working status, last run times and grid to manually view/resend records to your EmailDirect account.

2013-04-04 1.2.9

Extension will now push Tracking Numbers when they are added to shipments.

2013-04-03 1.2.8

Extension now has the ability to push over some shipping information along with the order.