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Eye4Fraud is the only protection you’ll ever need for your online business. You’ll sell better with our unparalleled fraudulent order prevention, and you’ll sleep better with our 100%
money-back guarantee on chargebacks.

The Best Weapon Against Your Worst Nightmare
Nothing worries you more than to see your money disappear on the heels of online thievery. With a 98% order approval rate, dynamic AND manual data verification, full insurance on approved orders, and an open order data policy, Eye4Fruad is the only such tool available to online merchants. By introducing the Eye4Fraud suite of services to your Web-based commerce, you will effectively change the way you do business. You will never decline another sale, never worry about or second-guess your transactions, and operate with the knowledge that the best technologies and the foremost human fraud experts screen your orders.

Releases (10)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-10 1.2.9

- Send prices and totals in base currency instead of the store currency

2017-04-05 1.2.8

- Card number detection fixed for Authorize.net payment method

2017-03-31 1.2.7

- Log file rotation logic updated

2017-03-31 1.2.6

- Implemented support for the payment method "Saved CC".
- New setting "Cancel Order" added to extension configuration. It allow to cancel not completed order if fraud status received
- Log file rotation implemented

2017-02-08 1.2.5

- Order grid rewrite removed
- Fraud status added to order and orders grid and can be used by other extensions
- Behavior of "Disable Extension Output" setting improved
- Get IP address from forwarding list

2016-12-07 1.2.4

- Allow PHP version lower than 5.7.0.

2016-12-07 1.2.3

- Fraud status created when order request is cached
- Timeout added for non-final statuses and for orders which isn't sent to eye4fraud, this fix overflow issue for unprocessed orders
- Changed internal logic for statuses, now they are saved to DB everytime
- Access to logfile added to extension settings
- Short info about extension cron task added to extension settings

2016-11-03 1.2.0

- Different Bugfixes
- Compatibility with AuthorizeNetCim Payment Extension
- Compatibility with virtual products
- Request to eye4fraud service moved to cron to avoid influence on order placing process
- Compatibility with Magento

2016-02-14 1.1.4

Improved speed.

Added status updated in orders grid.

Bug fixes.


Stable version release