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Be prepared for the German market with GermanSetup

- Tax configuration and tax classes for all EU based countries (for a Germany, Austria or Switzerland based shop)
- Automatic assignment of the new tax classes to all given products (configurable)
- Email templates
- Activation and base configuration of Terms and Conditions
- Creation of standard CMS pages
- Enhanced price rendering including VAT and shipping costs
- can be configured via template
- Automatic generation of meta information for products
- Contains a list of recommended modules for the German market
- Supports the German "Button Loesung"

- Trimmed to needed functionality, no unnecessarily installed modules
- Compatible with all popular versions (e.g. Community Edition 1.4 to 1.6)
- Problem-free uninstallation possible at any time
- No rewrites of any core classes, no owerwritten classes
- Can be installed at any time
- Any data overwriting is only done if explicitly executed by admin, not done automatically

Releases (5)

Date Version Notes
2013-06-05 1.2.3

- Many small fixes and features

2012-11-09 1.1.4

- Emails are now taken from locale pack and modified by German Setup
- Newsletter registrations and unregistrations are now stored as a history (see Newsletter -> Newsletter Subscribers status history)
- Added compatibility to Sitewards_B2B module
- Added possibility to display shipping costs as "including" instead of "excluding"
- Small fixes

2012-08-02 1.1.2

Bugfix: Avoid getQuote() on the session if quote hasn't been initialized yet

2012-08-02 1.1.1

Added Support for "Button Lösung" plus some smaller changes, i.e. correct newsletter setting

2012-05-22 1.0.0

Added tax configuration for Austria and Switzerland, can be chosen via dropdown in form