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Date Version Notes

Change Log:
* HC-200 Additional support for Address Checking
* HC-448 Rounding rules for IFC and IBC
* HC-454 Use the same Shipping/Billing address for finance
* HC-458 Resolve on save issue for certain services
* HC-460 Change text on finance sliders
* HC-497 Update Magento Finance Options text
* HC-500 Additional support for Configurable products
* HC-503 Always display *Grand Total wording when order is financed


Change Log:
* HC-316 PBF Widget Displays For Non-Eligible Products
* HC-345 - Adding Google analytics override - sending grand total + financed amount to GA
* HC-349 SagePay status initiator
* HC-444 Financed amount added to invoice PDF
* HC-443 Adding new service types 25, 36 refactored
* HC-448 rounding issues fixed


Change Log:
* HC-314 Add Order Number to Accepted Handback page when order has been referred and latter eSigned
* HC-318 PayPal Express totals issue
* HC-327 Text change on declined handback page


Change Log:
* HC-131 Additional transactional email templates for Finance Accepted, Referred, Declined, Abandon, Error
* HC-280 Add maximum finance limit for service
* HC-302 Fix for minimum basket price setting in admin being ignored
* HC-310 Fix for shipment notification using “Default Config” settings for notifying PaybyFinance


Change Log:
* Accept alphanumeric order references
* Always use price including tax in calculations
* HC-276 paybyfinance_enable gets loaded into the flat tables
* Test against Magento CE
* Legacy PHP 5.3 support
* Undefined variable notice fix


Change Log:
* HC-246 Notification for eSignature
* HC-242, HC-175 added non-ascii characters replacements
* HC-223 added yes/no option to admin panel for displaying message in result/category
* HC-186 added message for minimum finance amount
* Use Increment ID rather than Order ID in notifications and all across PBF
* HC-239 Google Analytics orders tracking fix
* HC-244 added check for switching PBF on later in steps after user added shipping address.
* HC-249 Notification and totals on invoice
* JS error on IE
* HC-252 Order status for multiple notifications
* HC-220 Cart calculation should be based on the row total
* HC-185 added automatic calculation to RPM from APM field
* HC-256 Product eligibility on cart (Minimum Amount)
* HC-220 Order total modification events (for extendibility)
* HC-261 Race condition on notification events fix
* HC-261: Send a 503 status code when the notification is not applicable, this makes Hitachi to send it again after:
* 10 minutes
* 1 hour
* 2 hours
* 5 hours
* HC-214 Additional text to the selector
* HC-257 Text changes on referred handback pages
* HC-259 remove virtual, downloadable products


Change Log:
* HC-210 Store scope for services
* Automatically calculate RPM from APR if not present
* HC-225 Do not display finance widget when there are no services
* HC-226 RTL urls for testing and simulation
* HC-210 Enable / disable finance per store
* HC-234 Custom test urls
* HC-237 Text changes / phone number added
* Missing admin template files


Change Log:
* Change order status on Notification
* HC-173 Notification awaiting dispatch of goods
* HC-173 Log all parameters for notification request
* HC-211 Inbound notification sent to PBF
* HC-212 Configurable product isProductEligible price
* HC-213 Shipping price is inconsistent with different Tax settings than default
* Finance Available from: exit the loop at 30 to avoid long page load times on large collections.
* Rounding issues because the price is stored as float
* HC-200 Address flag disabled


Change Log:
* HC-156 Finance offer on product lists - compatibility fix


Change Log:
* Remove JavaScript warnings
* HC-195 Deposit rounding issue
* HC-188 Rounding Down the finance amount
* HC-175 Fix illegal chars in product name
* HC-156 Finance offer on product lists
* HC-173 implement changes according to updated specification (notification url)
* HC-201 Invoice base_grand_total calculation fix


Change Log:
* Wizard type flag: old, new rather than Y, N
* HC-187 Fixed deposit when there's only one service
* Tests against CE and EE


Change Log:
* Removed unneded template files
* Text changes in version information (CD->CE)
* HC-170 Disabled products on the cart are still financeable
* HC-171 Paypal - do not show finance amount when it's 0


* HC-159 Version information in configuration
* HC-165 Accepted cipher methods


* HC-161 HTTPS on session save urls


* Deposit amount to calculate with discounts and giftcards
* Demo URL instead of UAT
* Unit tests to reach UAT
* Changed license from HWS to GPL
* HC-150 Address Checked and Wizard fields
* HC-154 debug POST requests to order comments
* HC-158 If basket is not valid for Finance, invalidate session
* HC-161 HTTPS on session save urls

2015-03-17 1.0.3

* Deposit amount to calculate with discounts and giftcards
* Demo URL instead of UAT
* Unit tests to reach UAT
* Changed license from HWS to GPL
* HC-150 Address Checked and Wizard fields
* HC-154 debug POST requests to order comments

2015-02-20 1.0.2

First stable release