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Let your customers bring you more business

This magento extensiton incentivizes your existing customers to bring you more sales. Offer your happy shoppers a reward (discount, free shipping or any other incentive) for referring their peers to you and they'll become your most zealous promoters.

So how this extension works?

First of all you need to set rewards and rules of your referral program. For example offer 5% discount coupon to customers each time X of their friends make a purchase at your store.

And how it will look like?

By default this extension installs a special badge to your store. It will be displayed on all pages and look like this (note: text and colors can be changed):

By clicking on it your customers will see pop-up windows similar to theese ones (here you need to describe your offer):

After entering an email people could easily share your promo message with their friends via the most popular social networks. Or just use their unique short urls (shortened links to your website) to spread the word about your store in any other way they like(via email, blog posts etc.).

When their referral goal is completed and friends become your customers they will get their reward coupons by email.

Want more?

Additionally you can offer an incentive to referrals and increase conversion rates significally.

By clicking this url people will see a screen where they can grab a coupon code and proceed to your shop.

Want to get even more?

InviteBox powerful analytics will help you not only to track the results in real time, but to discover bottlenecks in your refer a friend program instantly and to get the most of word of mouth.

You could also download or export your participant data for further marketing purposes.

Is this extension free?

Extension is free to download and you could use it without any commitment for 14 days. After your trial ends up you'll need to subscribe to one of the plans which start from 19$ per month (Check available plans).

Get more info about referral programs.


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2012-10-26 1.0.0

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