Magento Extension
Download latest - 1.6.3

With this extension, you can:

- Import newsletter subscribers into a Klaviyo list.
- Track checkouts and send abandoned cart emails.
- Track website visitors and the products they view. This data is automatically fed into Klaviyo's analytics engine to build preference profiles for each visitor.
- Configure different settings per website or store if you manage multiple brands in one installation.

Klaviyo also syncs order, customer and product catalog data using Magento's built-in API. This extension is supports Magento versions 1.5 and later.

For Magento 2 installations, download our extension at http://docs.klaviyo.com/.

Releases (4)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-19 1.6.3

Fixes api issue.

2017-04-07 1.6.2

Adding support for configuring Klaviyo settings at the store and website level.

2016-03-28 1.3.5

Add cron job monitoring to extension page.

2014-02-21 1.2.4

- Include the Klaviyo analytics script to track visits and product views.
- Add the ability to handle abandoned carts for one step checkouts (one page checkouts were already supported).