Magento Extension
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Allows customer to specify optional comment during order placing.

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes
2012-06-09 1.0.5

Bugfix release.

Fixed broken paginator in orders grid
Added workaround to resolve conflict with Seamless Delete Order

2012-03-11 1.0.4

Bugfix release.

Fixed No orders in magento backend error
Fixed integrity constraint violation error while filtering
Fixed fatal error in Orders tab of customer edit screen

2012-02-19 1.0.3

Added order comment column to orders grid
Tested and updated to work with Magento 1.4
Tested and updated to work with Magento 1.5

2011-12-12 1.0.2

Fixed #1: Order comment box caused Terms and Conditions to disappear

2011-12-03 1.0.1

Removed license file from package

2011-12-02 1.0.0

Initial release