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"Credit Card Customized Checkout
This feature will allow merchants to have a customized checkout for credit card payment. Thus, it will be possible to customize its look and feel, customers won’t be redirected away to complete the payment, and it will also reduce the checkout steps improving conversion rates.

Available for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela

Customized Bar Code Payment
This feature allows merchants to have a customized bar code payment. It reduces the checkout steps improving conversion rates. The bar code payment will have merchant's logo.

Available for Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela

Standard Checkout
This feature allows merchants to have a standard checkout. It includes all payment methods (i.e. all credit cards, bar code payment, account money) and all window types (i.e. redirect, iframe, modal, blank and popup). Customization is not allowed.

Available for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela

OneClick Pay
This feature allows to store credit card information for the customer, so that the next time there is no need to enter all the card details. Customers will just need to re-enter the security code of the credit card they want to use."

Releases (16)

Date Version Notes
2017-08-09 2.7.10

- Improvements to the payment form with boleto
- Including status in process in payment notification
- Solved bug in OSC 4
- Improvements in Setup Screen (Basic and Recurring)

2017-08-03 2.7.9

- Bug Fixes in Mercado Envios: Module was not generating Shipments when it received payment notification.
- Removing http or https protocol from images

2017-08-01 2.7.8

- Module adapted for new rule Boleto - Febraban
- Added the version field in the settings screen
- Changed status for payment not found in payment notifications

2017-06-07 2.7.6

Updated php version compatibility

2017-06-06 2.7.5

Updated php version compatibility

2017-05-26 2.7.4

Added mp analytics
Added Failure page setting
Updated readme file
Minor Refactor
Added option to disable showing MP discount in order subtotals
Bug fixing

2017-03-16 2.6.3

Added Uruguay support
Added cron for order status updates
Added translations
Bug fixing

2016-10-26 2.4.1

- Bug fixes

2016-09-29 2.4.0

- Added Devolutions and Cancellations
- Bug fixes
- Financing cost disable
- Added countries to custom ticket

2016-07-01 2.3.1

- Updated supported PHP version
- Added modules xml files

2016-06-22 2.3.0

- Add support for Mercado Pago Perú
- Fix other minor issues

2016-06-08 2.2.0

- Fix issue with multiple notifications
- Fix issue with approved tickets notifications
- Change logic for shipments calculation
- Add option include/exclude financing cost from the orders
- Fix other minor issues

2016-03-31 0.0.4

"MercadoPago v2.1.2

New internal module file structure

- Javascript code refactored

- New plugin configuration layout

- Added Customers & Cards feature

- Magento orders now contain subtotals related to MP coupons and financing cost.

- Document type and card token validation on checkout

- Venezuela added as available country.

- Compatibility with OSC extensions innovarti and ideasa

MercadoEnvios 0.1.0

- New module available for Argentina, Brazil and Mexico only with Standard Checkout

- Package size and weight attributes can be mapped with magento attributes, and its units can be converted through admin panel.

- Different shipping methods per country can be enabled/disabled.

- Shipping cost is calculated and shown in cart page and checkout.

- Free shipping option is available.

- Tracking information order can be accessed through order details admin section or my account.

- Shipping label can be printed through order details admin section."

2015-06-30 0.0.3

- Code improvements
- Improvements in javascript
- Successful page specific to MercadoPago
- API Cupom
- LOGS (Backend and Javascript)

2015-04-27 0.0.2

fix function that takes the value of the product (final value)

2015-03-10 0.0.1

Checkout Transparente disponível para: Brasil, Argentina e Mexico.

Checkout Standard disponível para: Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela e Colombia.