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This plug-in will allow credit card acceptance through the Merchant e-Solutions Payment Gateway.

Releases (7)

Date Version Notes
2014-02-26 1.2.3

Fixed loading of tokenization library.
Added tokenization to admin order creation.

2013-11-01 1.2.2

Fixed creation of orders in the admin backend

2013-04-24 1.2.1

Additional logging in the order history for Authorization code, AVS and CVV2 results.

2013-03-06 1.2.0

Added Transparent Redirect option during checkout. This lowers PCI requirements by not transmitting the full card number to Magento.

2013-02-20 1.1.4

Fixed an issue during checkout with Digital Products.
Enhanced fraud protection features.

2012-07-02 1.1.3

Fixed admin order entry

2011-03-21 1.1.0

Stable release for Magento 1.5