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sinabs_fr (Sinabs)

Easily consolidate customer data from your Magento site to conduct smart triggered marketing campaigns from your Message Business account.
This extension does not limit itself to simply retrieve the email address! It analyzes your customer base, registrants newsletters, recent purchases, last visits and then consolidates the information consistently.
Based on consolidated data, your Message Business account will be automatically and configured your main segments already created (first customer purchase, inactive, etc ...). You can easily create more!
Made reliable with data, you can immediately drive effective marketing campaigns and automated without computer knowledge.
This free extension is to serve your customer relationship and development of your sales!

Releases (8)

Date Version Notes
2013-02-14 1.0.7

Version 1.0.7 stable

2013-01-28 1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 stable

2013-01-24 1.0.5

Version 1.0.5 stable

2013-01-17 1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 stable

2013-01-16 1.0.3

Version 1.0.3 stable

2013-01-16 1.0.2

Version 1.0.2 stable

2013-01-14 1.0.1

Version 1.0.1 stable

2013-01-14 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 Release Candidate