Magento Extension
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Some of the product features listed are

1. Easy to use and configure
2. Multilanguage support
3. Multicurrency support
4. Multi Store Product support
5. Ability to export only selected products
6. Capability to strip HTML from Product Names
7. Capability to strip HTML from Product Descriptions
8. Capability to include Image Url and Product Url.
9. Capability to auto generate Price Grabber Categorization( Bread Crumbs)
10. Capability to limit 100 Characters for Product titles
11. Capability to limit 1500 Characters for Product Description
12. Exports only Active Products.
13. Ability to export feed in CSV format
14. Supports Versions, and
15. Free Installation Support help from MEx Forum.

Releases (1)

Date Version Notes
2011-02-14 1.0.2

MEx Pricegrabber Export helps you to export all Products to Pricegrabber