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jQuery lightboxes is the collection/implementation of jQuery Lightbox for Magento Media Gallery. Moreover consider it as an one stop search for jQuery Lightbox for magento.
Currently it includes the FancyBox, PiroBox and Lightbox Clone one. Still more to come in newer versions.

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes
2012-02-28 1.2.0

Version 1.1.0 - 1.2.0
- Tested for Magento Version
- Upgraded jQuery Version (local + Google CDN) to 1.7.1
- Added Option to include Main Image to lightbox gallery of More Views
- Added Option to change the label for ‘More Views’
- Upgraded FancyBox to version 1.3.4
- Changed the default settings of FancyBox so that it looks even more sexier
- Added new Lightbox Type: PiroBox Extended (advanced form of Pirobox)
- Added new Lightbox Type: prettyPhoto
- Code Refinement

2011-10-24 1.1.0

Version 1.0.3 - 1.1.0
- Code refinement.
- Fixing of popup image size so that it could take the full size when no size is mentioned.
- Separated the jquery inclusion, lightbox inclusion

2011-06-30 1.0.3

- Fixing of title issue in Fancybox
- Fixing of offset issue in image size
- Fixing of IE issue due to extra ',' in initialization code
- Fixing of missing images/buttons in Lightbox clone
- Fixed the 404 error in 1.5.x
- Magento-Connect compatible with 1.5.x

2010-11-29 1.0.2

- Fixed the Access Denied Issue

2010-11-29 1.0.1

- Fixed the dependency issues for MagentoPycho_All

2010-11-29 1.0.0

- Fixed the warning issues due to split() function
- Fixed the Extension taking over the default configuration page.