Magento Extension
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The nanoRep solution improves customer
experience and significantly increases
conversion and online sales. nanoRep is
your virtual shopping assistant – it
answers questions, offers rewards &
coupons, suggests products and collects
visitors' information. nanoRep’s self-
learning knowledge base helps customers
interact with your brand via self-service
widgets across your website (every page),
mobile and Facebook. nanoRep lets your
customers stay focus – all the information
they need is readily available, reducing site
and shopping cart abandonment.

nanoRep increases customer engagement
on e-commerce websites resulting in a
better customer experience, higher
satisfaction rate and increased online sales.
Customer intelligence is provided
throughout the process, so you can make
customer driven decision that will further
increase online conversion and sales.

nanoRep Connect
Purchasing history - The integration with
Magento brings
purchasing history
to nanoRep’s
ticketing system.
Agents get a 360
degree view of customers’ activity before
working on cases.

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2015-10-29 2.1.4

Compatibility SUPEE-6788 + minor changes

2015-08-25 2.1.3

Compatibility SUPEE-6285

2015-06-15 2.1.2

Enable head.css in login iframe

2015-03-02 2.1.1

minor fix

2015-03-01 2.1.0

Contact us integration

2015-01-21 2.0.8

login form update

2014-12-02 2.0.7

Cancel the order queries view

2014-11-23 2.0.6

Conversion tracking update Url encode to API Key

2014-11-19 2.0.5

Conversion tracking update

2014-11-02 2.0.4

Frontend Controller Name Cange

2014-09-23 2.0.3

Bug fix: "orders" customParam is not a array of objects
Bug fix: "Purchases assisted by nanoRep" shows incorrect product purchases
Bug fix: "nanoRep search report", same issue as before, toggling an answer opens another one
Bug fix: "Purchases assisted by nanoRep": only the first answer is presented.
Bug fix: sorting / column filtering
New Feature: HTML page to be placed as an iframe inside a nanoRep answer

2014-09-10 2.0.2

new feature: get order status in answer.

2014-08-20 2.0.1

bug fix: unanswered questions per product on the search report

2014-08-20 2.0.0

nanoRep 2.0.0

2014-07-31 1.5.0

nanoRep JS fix

2014-07-07 1.4.9

Bug fix - different product id attribute & conversion tracking fix

2014-07-07 1.4.8

Bug fix - different product id attribute

2014-07-02 1.4.7

Product price currency support

2014-07-01 1.4.6

Fix - product categories
Fix - default cache time changed to 30 sec

2014-06-13 1.4.5

Workaround for cases that the nanoRepEmbedContainer script is loaded twice

2014-05-14 1.4.4

Support Widget support for diffrent ProductID attributes

2014-05-13 1.4.3

Configuration change Account field to required

2014-05-13 1.4.2

SKU Attribute bug fix

2014-05-13 1.4.1

Bug fixes

2014-05-09 1.4.0

Support for hidden SEO questions
Bug fixes

2014-04-08 1.3.9

Added support to define a specific div for the support widget

2014-04-01 1.3.8

Added Support to define a different product id

2013-11-29 1.3.7

Conversion Tracking bug fix

2013-11-15 1.3.6

Related Products
Up Sells Products
Cross Sells Products

2013-11-09 1.3.5

Minor bug fix