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The Newsletter2Go email marketing software Extension for Magento automatically synchronizes all newsletter subscribers, including basic data like name and gender as well as the total amount of sales and average sale.

Additionally, you can easily retrieve all item data including description, price info, product images and product link just by inputting the item id in the Newsletter2Go software.
new features for magento-integration in Newsletter2Go-system

Releases (14)

Date Version Notes
2016-02-29 3.1.08

- compability to enterprise version
- bugifxes

2016-02-29 3.1.07

- compability to enterprise version
- bugifxes

2015-09-21 3.1.05

- compability to enterprise version
- bugifxes

2015-09-01 3.1.04

- compability to enterprise version
- bugifxes

2015-08-20 3.0.03

Fixed compatibility issue with php 5.4 version

2014-11-21 1.3.0

The plugin is more robust to different configurations and does not depend on Class 'Mage_Sync_Helper_Data' anymore

2014-03-10 1.2.1

Hotfix: Table prefixes do not break the plugin anymore.

2014-03-07 1.2.0

Synchronize all customers to manage unsubscriptions.

2013-08-05 1.1.0

Added support for 2- way synchronisation of unsubscribes over Magento accounts and the Newsletter2Go unsubscribe link

2013-08-01 1.0.4

The same with 1.0.3, repack because incompatible with the older channel

2013-08-01 1.0.3

Unsubscribes over Magento user accounts are being synchronized

2013-04-11 1.0.2

Added gender value to the returned customer object

2013-04-04 1.0.1

Repackaged for approving

2013-04-02 1.0.0

The 1st release