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notime (notime)

This extension allows a merchant to add a same-day shipping option to their store.
notime same-day shipping is provided by notime AG based in Z├╝rich Switzerland and currently supports shipping to all major Swiss cities.
With this new shipping method customers can view and pick from the available delivery time-slots.
The popup can be placed either in the preview section, next to the product, and/or in the checkout page.
The merchant can configure this shipping method in the "Shipping methods" area and "Product Information" area.

Releases (10)

Date Version Notes
2017-07-11 1.2.6

Fixed problem with custom validation

2017-05-23 1.2.5

Small fix

2017-04-13 1.2.3

Resolved problems with calculation taxable shipping price.

2017-03-30 1.2.0

Problems with shipping price recalculation in case one step checkout were fixed.

2017-03-21 1.1.4

Small issue was fixed.

2016-12-28 1.1.3

Minor issue was fixed.

2016-10-27 1.1.2

Minor issues were fixed.

2016-04-14 1.1.1

Minor issues were fixed.

2016-04-07 1.1.0

Extension calculates shipping price dynamically.

2016-04-04 1.0.0

Initial release