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Ticketing system to order:
- customer can add message to orders
- administrator can see these messages, reply to them, change status of a chat and create new messages
- a cron also exists to send a reminder email to administrator about new messages

Releases (20)

Date Version Notes
2013-12-07 1.3.4

Spanish translation added

2013-11-21 1.3.3

Support of Magento 1.8

2013-02-03 1.3.2

Messages view in front office changed in a more "Magento" style

2013-01-27 1.3.1

Url for creating new ticket fixed

2012-10-07 1.3.0

Possibility of disabling answer for closed tickets

2012-06-28 1.2.4

Fixing problem of saving ticket in BO

2012-06-24 1.2.3

Admin email text in english

2012-05-22 1.2.2

Better route name for frontend and backend
Security fix for frontend actions

2012-04-15 1.2.1

Fix for https problem on frontend

2012-03-10 1.2.0

Possibility of deleting tickets in BO added

2012-03-08 1.1.2

Fix problem of header already send

2012-03-02 1.1.1

Fix problem of menu that disappeared in BO

2012-03-01 1.1.0

Possibility of creating new ticket in BO

2012-01-01 1.0.7

Possibility to add "order ticket" permission to a role in back office

2011-09-05 1.0.6

Design and skin files moved from default to base package

2011-08-01 1.0.5

Fix for using https in back office

2011-07-16 1.0.4

Fix in sql upgrading script

2011-07-04 1.0.3

Third release of OrderTickets module for making it work with magento connect

2011-07-04 1.0.2

Second release of OrderTickets module for making it work with magento connect

2011-06-25 1.0.1

First release of OrderTickets module