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This theme is the result of years of experience running a successful online store, all of the design improvements that we have implemented over the years have been included in this theme. The problem with most designs is they are made by people that have never actually run an online store before, and therefore wouldn't know what works best. They just churn out hundreds of mediocre and bloated themes. Simplicity is the key. This theme is perfect for boutique stores such as those that sell jewellery, clothing and so on.

This theme is streamlined for business, all of the frivolous features small business owners don't need have been removed, leaving a slick, professional and simple interface.

What frivolous features have been removed?
- Product tags
- Product reviews
- Add to wishlist \ Add to compare
- Product image zoom slider
- Catalog view options have been simplified such as removing the grid\list option.
- Generic headlines like 'Quick Description'.

Releases (2)

Date Version Notes
2011-03-17 1.0.1

First Release.

2011-03-17 1.0.0

First Release.