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andy (Andy Pieters)

Magento plugin voor betaalmethoden van

Releases (30)

Date Version Notes
2017-09-07 3.8.4

Some instore changes
Instore via checkout can now be enabled from selected ipaddresses

2017-08-04 3.8.2

Admin forms no longer show settings that dont do anything
updated instore to work with magepos split payments
Added english translation for all admin settings

2017-06-23 3.8.1

Added setting to show all payment methods in admin.
Added payment method name to order comment
Added payment method: Fashion Giftcard
Added version number to config
Added additional information to the payment object
All pay later methods need invoice and shipping address to be equal.

2017-06-12 3.8.0

Instore payment now supported in webpos

2017-05-11 3.7.2

* Bugfix, invoice address was not sent

2017-05-01 3.7.1

* Rewrote the vat calculation of the payment fees, the vat on the fee should now be correct for all vat settings.
* Added testmode, so you can send all transactions in testmode.
* fixed an exception when instore was enabled but no terminals are assigned to the merchant
* fixed notices if birthdate is empty or an address is not set
* Sending invoice emails is now configurable per paymentmethod
* added field to the order and invoice with the vat of the payment fee
* images of banks were missing

2017-04-04 3.7.0

Now using the paynl SDK
Added instore payments (PIN)
Added Yehhpay

2017-02-06 3.6.6

Upgraded to API version 6
Billink now always shows the terms and conditions checkbox
Small fix for PHP 5.4 compatibility

2017-01-31 3.6.5

Klarna update
Shipping and billing name must be equal
Company name must be empty
Fix for canceled orders where invoicing is disabled

2017-01-20 3.6.4

Some changes in vat calculation of payment charge

2017-01-10 3.6.3

Added backend template files.
Ignoring child products when sending order data.

2017-01-06 3.6.2

Added Backend payment method Paylink

2016-12-23 3.6.1

removed newlines in config.xml

2016-12-15 3.6.0

Added Klarna
Moved all Payment Method configs to the paynl admin page
Added option to show payment costs in checkout

2016-10-26 3.5.9

Removed php short open tags in focum datefields

2016-10-04 3.5.8

Added capayable and capayable gespreid

2016-06-14 3.5.7

Fixed division by zero for free products

2016-06-01 3.5.6

fixed an error in the xml causing the invoice to show no totals

2016-05-19 3.5.5

Added option to disable paymentmethods for certain shipping methods
Added setting to disable automatic refunds

2016-04-01 3.5.3

Added Afterpay EM

2016-03-22 3.5.2

Added fields bithdate and IBAN for FOCUM

2016-03-15 3.5.1

Added Failover support
Fixed some Tax issues

2016-01-27 3.5.0

Added Payment methods:
American Express
VVV Giftcard

2015-12-23 3.4.3

Added failover when transactionId is empty.
Also added logging, in case it still happens

2015-12-18 3.4.2

Fixed a bug when shipping is 0

2015-12-14 3.4.1

Canceling an order is now working again

2015-12-04 3.4.0

Exchange now returns false for exceptions, so the retry will kick in.
Paid order will not be canceled anymore, even if paid by a payment method outside of pay

2015-11-24 3.3.16

Fixed tax issues
Built logging into starting transaction
Billink now asks for birthdate and company data

2015-10-13 3.3.15

Added paymentmethods:
- Billink
- Givacard
- Wijncadeau

Now correctly calculating tax class for individual products

2015-07-22 3.3.14

Small update in api