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This extension allows ecommerce merchants to add an additional payment method to your checkout process. A Splitit button is added to your website for fast and easy checkout. It was carefully designed to meet all Magento best development practices and is compatible with all other extensions. This extension is free of charge. Signup for FREE Signup with Splitit for FREE and start offering your customers interest-free installment payments on their existing credit cards.

Releases (13)

Date Version Notes
2017-06-08 2.0.8

Support multi-currency in admin for depending on cart total.

2017-05-02 2.0.7

Support multi-currency in admin for depending on cart total.

2017-04-25 2.0.6

Support multi-currency for depending on cart total.

2017-02-08 2.0.5

Support new APIs provided by Splitit.

2016-12-19 2.0.4

Update visa latest image

2016-11-23 2.0.3

Support multi-currency

2016-11-11 2.0.2

Support multi-currency

2015-11-18 2.0.1

Some fixes.

2015-11-18 2.0.0

Rebranding extension.

2015-07-29 1.1.0

Added allowed countries configuration, added new error codes and extended information about them.

2015-01-30 1.0.5

Some text changes.

2015-01-30 1.0.4

Some text changes.

2015-01-14 1.0.3

Small improvement