Magento Extension
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Please use the "Prepare for Uninstall" button in the Pepperjam Network extension configuration settings before uninstalling the extension. Failure to do so may cause issues after the extension is removed.

Releases (6)

Date Version Notes

Changelog for
Bug where pixel was not firing when attribution was off has been corrected.


Changelog for
Bugfix for conversion pixel
Bugfix for product feed


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Changed uninstall button language and function to work with the normal uninstall method.


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Addressed cron scheduling bug for product feed


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Added attribution
New option to report orders via feed instead of pixel
No longer including orders in correction feed if they were not part of a network transaction
Fixed "divide by zero" issue

2016-05-13 Release Notes
- Rebranded to Pepperjam
- Script to import settings from EEAN if previousy installed