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Photoslurp’s Magento module allows brands to quickly and easily integrate customer photos in the form of UGC from across social networks into their Magento stores, increasing conversion rates and engagement.

Some of Photoslurp’s features:

Make Customer Photos Shoppable: UGC photos can be linked directly to products in your catalog, allowing them to be directly shoppable using our ‘Shop This Look’ feature

Customizable Widgets: Unlimited number of completely customizable widgets, allowing you to integrate shoppable galleries into Lookbooks or product page carousels

Analytics: Detailed analytics on everything from how your customers are interacting with your integrated UGC to which photos are driving the most revenue

Automated Product Catalog Sync: Automated syncing with your Magento store to ensure Photoslurp always has the latest details from your product catalog to keep features such as ‘Shop This Look’ working flawlessy.

Evangelists: Identify your biggest evangelists by the number photos they have created about your brand, as well as their influence level and the amount of revenue their pictures have driven to your store.

Learn more about Photoslurp’s visual commerce and marketing platform at

Releases (5)

Date Version Notes
2017-05-25 1.0.28

First stable release

2017-04-13 1.0.26

First stable release

2017-04-04 1.0.24

First stable release

2017-01-19 1.0.23

First stable release

2015-07-13 1.0.0

First stable release